Friday, March 12, 2010

Meet Florida's Pubic Enemy #1

This lovely lass is Megan Barnes.
Ms Barnes has a special claim to fame. She has been named Florida's "Pubic Enemy #1". It seems that Ms. Barnes, an Indiana native was driving on that loooooooonnnnnnnggggg bridge to the Keys that everyone has seen. She was headed down to meet up with her boyfriend. Strangely, her travelling companion for this little jaunt was her ex-hubby. Yeah.....the ex husband is riding shotgun so Ms. Barnes can make a booty call in Key West! And that's not even the strange part!
The ever resourceful Meg must've been all in a rush to get to her destination. So much so, in fact that she neglected certain matters of personal hygiene usually attended to while luxuriating in a hot bubble bath....or in the shower...or at the very least in a "salon" where a sadistic little oriental gal will rip away the winter wool for you. But NOOOO, none of that for our little Meg. She decided that the best place to trim up her little Chewbacca was behind the wheel, tooling down the highway WHILE HER EX HELD THE WHEEL so she could concentrate on the "delicate" areas!!! What. The. Heck. ?!?
Not too surprisingly, cuz ...back me up on this one fellas...if you've seen one woman naked, you pretty much want to see them ALL naked, the EX was a bit distracted by the sight of the muffin that so recently had been on his breakfast plate (and was soon to be some other schlep's blue plate special) being rendered into a remarkable likeness of Kojak. When the SUV in the lane ahead of them braked to make a turn.....KA-POW! The T-bird plowed right into the back of it! When the cops finally got her to admit that she'd been driving, her excuse for not stopping when the car ahead of her slowed.... "I told you I was shaving."
Somehow I'm thinking the mug-shots of the offending body part will show up on AlGore's inner-tubz someday soon! And why do I think online dating had something to do with this....or maybe Craigslist?
No mug shot exists of her EX ... whose man card will be forthwith revoked, if it has not already been shredded.
Full story is right here....

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


From the genius that brought you "The Streak" and "Jerimiah Peabody's Poly-unsaturated, Quick-Disolvin', Fast-Actin', Pleasant-Tastin', Green and Purple Pills"....