Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Them's fightin' words....

Rep. Alan Grayson represents the 8th Congressional District here in Florida, which includes parts of Marion, Lake and Orange counties, including the metro Orlando area. He is being challenged by Dan Webster, a former State Representative and Senator, small-business owner and Tea-Party conservative. RealClear Politics has this race leaning toward Webster by around 7 points, for a lot of reasons, not the least of which is that Grayson is a smarmy, semi-literate wanna-be tough guy who instantly grates on the nerves. Not to mention an unapologetic shill for the Pelosi-Reid-Obama team.

So Mr. Grayson decides a new attack ad is in order and puts this out....

OH CRAP!!! Looks like ol' Dan is sunk. There he is using those verses in public...the ones that talk about women submitting to their husbands that all the biblically illiterate get all pissy about, claiming that this is PROOF! that Christianity is anti-woman, misogynistic and patriarchal. But hold on a second.....let's give Mr. Webster the opportunity to respond. Or let's at least look at the video this damning evidence was culled from.

Whaaazzzat?!? He was actually urging men NOT to concentrate on those verses, but to focus on the verses immediately preceding which teach men to cherish their wives, even as Christ cherished the the point of dying for her if need be?! He was actually promoting selflessness on the part of the husband in the marital relationship? He wasn't actually coaching a bunch of neanderthal Church men on how to force their wommenfolk into de facto slavery? Huh? Whod've thunk Alan Grayson would've distorted the truth like that?

Makes ya wonder what else he and his cronies have been "distorting"...doesn't it. You know it's bad when Contessa Brewer and Anderson Cooper are busting your chops and calling you on your sleaziness.