Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Somebody explain this to me....

It seems that there are .... categories...of "green energy". Apparently having the joke of the Left Coast (California) cave to the enviro's demands for power derived from non-consumable, non-polluting sources is not enough for some of our little green friends. Not so much.

The knothole-rapists (TM) at the Western Watersheds Project have sued the US Department of the Interior, the Bureau of Land Management and the Fish and Wildlife Commission for their approval of Oakland-based Brightsource Energy's 370 MW Ivanpah SOLAR PLANT. The WWP has their collective panties in a bunch because they don't think the agencies named in the suit (along with the individual Heads of those agencies and their staffers who are ALSO named in the suit) did not exercise enough due diligence to protect ...... migratory birds, the desert tortoise, desert bighorn sheep, groundwater resources and "rare plants".

"In an ill-conceived rush to accommodate massive renewable energy projects ... the federal defendants precipitously approved unnecessarily destructive energy development of the California Desert Conservation Area without first conducting adequate environmental reviews." reads the complaint, in part. (emphasis mine). This, despite the fact that Brightsource had ALREADY bought up thousands of additional acres of desert land to provide habitat for the poor lil' placate a different lawsuit-happy Environmentalist concern (the Center for Biological Diversity).

So let me see......according to the Church of Gore doctrine...... we nassssty humanses are destroying the planet with our raping and pillaging fossil-fuel and nuclear power plants and need to IMMEDIATELY!!! abandon those in favor of sunshine, gentle breezes and perhaps unicorn farts. In fact, we may already be too late. Even so, we need to begin RIGHT NOW!!! But when a company actually tries to meet the shrill demands of the unhinged disciples of Gore, they (and the regulatory agencies involved) are presumed to be engaged in a .... how did that go? Oh yeah, an ... "ill-conceived rush".

Well there you have it .... trying to meet the MOST URGENT!!! demands of the Church of Gore is "ill-conceived". Thanks, Knothole Rapists(TM), for admitting what I've been saying all along! Glad to have ya on board!