Sunday, December 13, 2009

Lord Monkton's at it again!

A bit long, but well worth it. His Lordship is just so dang polite when he's proving her to be just another sheeple! Those British guys!

It's instructive, not to mention funny in a "wow, look how stupid that lady is" kinda way, to hear her explaining the basis for her belief in AGW. Basically, it boils down to...
  1. Greenpeace says so.
  2. I can't be bothered (cuz I have a REAL life and JOB) to do any checking on my own.
  3. Greenpeace says so! And so do the "reports" I've read (most likely FROM Greenpeace) that tell me a MAJORITY of all life on earth agree with me!
The money quote?
Lord M:"If you were to discover that everything that I said to you....were true, would you think that, therefore, the organization you believe in has misled you?"
GreenPeace Hippie Lady: "No"
LM: "In other words, even if I prove these things to you, you would still prefer to believe a political line given out by an organization, rather than the scientific facts."
GHL: "No. I would have to look at it myself first..."
But wait a minute just got done saying how you couldn't check it out for yourself, due to the rigors of your "job" and "life" (neither of which were apparently important enough to keep you away from your protest...). One would think that if she felt THAT strongly about a situation, she might want to do some checking on her own.....
This is why the whole "Climate Change" scam will not go's adherents are cultists. Pretty soon some one will break out the spiked Kool-aid!

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