Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Hey Mr. Holder....your anti-American slip is showing!

Apparently the DoJ has themselves a slinky, sexy new website. Gone are the old, jingoistic Stars and Stripes motif, deemed "shtick from the Ashcroft days" that "was a bit much for an agency that isn't supposed to be political," In its place..

 So elegant in basic black, with the golden medallion accent. What could possibly be wrong with this?

Well look a little closer at that quotation running across the upper margin....

Nifty little quote eh? Wonder which of our Founding Fathers...or luminary of jurisprudence penned that one...although it doesn't really sound like something the guys who declared that our inalienable rights were bestowed on us by a Creator would say.... hmmm! Who indeed could've penned this, and why would it be the new "slogan" for the DoJ?

I can answer the who. Meet C. Wilfred Jenks. Never heard of him you say? Don't feel bad...not even the almighty wikipedia has heard enough about him to rate his own entry. However here is what I was able to dig up, with the help of the evil info-overlord Google and the folks at the American Spectator.

Seems Mr. Jenks was a "progressive" lawyer, of British birth, who was leading figure of the "international law" movement back in the 1930s. This is the group that advocated for "workers rights" and sought to impose a global, common law. Most telling, Jenks was a long-time member, and eventually the Director General, of the U.N.'s International Labour Organization.
As director, Jenks was responsible for putting the first Soviet in place as a senior member, and with fostering the environment which allowed the UN to grant "observer status" to the PLO. This environment also emboldened the UN to begin it's continuing anti-Israel bias. Because of the leftward leanings of the ILO, the US (one of the signatory parties) eventually withdrew its membership in that organization in the mid-1970s.

So the creative minds hired by the DoJ couldn't find a suitable quote about the law from one of our American jurists, or political had to go with an obscure British communist? One who agitated for a "global common law" which would have preeminence over national laws? Thar's what they came up with? And apparently this was vetted at the highest levels in the DoJ and at the White House.....and approved!

So there is the "who". I'll leave you to form your own conclusions as to "why" the Obama DoJ would replace the Stars and Stripes with the scribblings of a hard-left globalist.

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  1. Great find! I'll have to post it tomorrow!