Monday, September 7, 2009

I wonder if this is included in the "reform" plans....

Came across this gem of a link at Insta-Pundit.

It would seem our erstwhile British cousins are getting serious about battling the proliferation of fat kiddies inhabiting merry olde England. The solution? Why enroll the kids in a six week "fat camp" of course!

"PRIMARY school pupils as young as four will be offered places on “weight management” courses as the NHS urges health trusts to provide slimming programmes for overweight children."
So the NHS (the governing body that runs Britain's "Public Option" health care system) will now decide the appropriate weight for it's youngest citizens and "offer" parents the option of having little Dudders attend fat camp. Yeah that won't cause any emotional trauma....being officially labeled a lard-butt. So in later years they'll have to be treated for anorexia, bulimia, and a raft full of mental, social and psychological disorders that come about when a kid's weight is made an issue early in life. (And any takers on just how long until the "offered" spot in fat camp becomes MANDATORY?) This is the model we're supposed to emulate folks. When the government runs health care, the government gets to tell you how to live, eat, sleep, pee....anything that is REMOTELY connected to "health" will become their domain.
I love this quip from the comments section...
"£3,000 per patient for a six-week residential course" I hope it's the parents who will be paying and not the taxpayer! Gotta love that British sense of humor!


  1. One look at the British NHS should scare the hell out of most Americans.

  2. One look at a Brits TEETH should scare the hell out of us!

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    God Bless, and give um' hell!

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