Sunday, September 6, 2009

Repent for the end is nigh!

I was poking around over at Insta-pundit and came across a story about our glorious leader making the entirely unprecendented decision to chair the September 24th meeting of the UN Security Council. Bear in mind that NO President EVER has attempted this. Not during the Cuban Missle Crisis, not when Saddam invaded Kuwait....not after 9/11. NO. ONE. EVER. Not that I look for End Times prophecy in every current event, but geez....this seems a little One World Government to me. Besides that, a couple of things are tweaking me about this.

First, doesn't he have bigger fish to fry? Unemployment is nudging closer to double digits nationwide. His domestic agenda is tanking as good portions of the brain-dead 52% who elected him are wondering what the heck they've done to the country. He can't put together a strategy to fight the "Overseas Contingency Operation" against the perpetrators of "man-caused disasters" in Afghanistan, probably because they can't figure out how to lose the war and weaken the US and still blame Bush. We've been promised (or threatened with if you prefer)a new push to foist the European model of health "care" on America. He has to indoctrinate our kids live via simulcast (don't get me started!). None of his spendulous plans have quite worked out. But he's got time to waste at the UN?

Second, he is apparently intent on "modifying" the established agenda. Seems the meeting was supposed to deal with Iran and North Korea and their nuclear ambitions. Probably would have amounted to a big ol' waste of time. I picture the scene in Team America where Hans Blix tells Kim Jong Il that if he doesn't cooperate with the UN ..." Ve shall be very, very angry vis you. Und ve vill write you a nasty letter telling you how unhappy we are!" But the anointed one, President Barak Hussein Obama, (pbuh) has decided that the meeting really should deal with "nuclear nonproliferation and nuclear disarmament broadly, and not on any specific countries", according to Susan Rice (the American UN Ambassador...and shouldn't SHE be the one chairing the meeting?! What are we paying her for anyhow?!) Oh he doesn't want to deal with "specific countries" ....wonder why? The article discusses a few reasons, but to me this is the typical liberal dislike for accountability. Kinda like how the "experts" bemoan competitive sports because.....(gasp) someone LOSES! Just think how the non-winning team must FEEL! So we don't want to single out anyone....just talk about non-proliferation in general, non-specific terms. Oh and let's throw in disarmament....we gotta get nukes out of the hands of the Israelis for goodness sake. They might just USE them before Brother Ahmidinijad can put the finishing touches on HIS "peaceful nuclear power" projects. After all...he intends to share them with Israel just as soon as they are done!

Anyhow...check out the article linked below...its worth a read.

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